Bespoke Experiences Design & Consultancy

Madeira Island, Portugal

We help businesses to design, curate and craft unique experiences, retreats, and team offsites in Madeira Island while uplifting the local communities and culture.

Our services

Venue Scouting

We’re always on the hunt for ideal retreat venues. We personally curate and visit them, making sure they are aligned with the expectations. We usually recommend independently-owned venues.


Think of us as your plug-in local partner offering a reliable, worry-free service. We’re good in delivering exquisite briefings, coordinating with all players while making sure everyone feels welcomed and has an outstanding on-site experience.

Retreat & Offsite Planning

Weather you need a fully-catered offsite planning service or just support in specific tasks, we got you covered. We can help you scouting the ideal venue, co-designing the program and experiences, as well as curating a hand-picked selection of reliable local suppliers according to your needs.


Whether you need a head facilitator, a co-host, a retreat assistant or just virtual support, we make sure to match you with reliable local professionals.

We provide services for

Offsite & Retreat

& Lifestyle



Boutique Travel

How Do
We See It?

We believe transformation, motivation and growth comes from simple things in life: being in nature, eating authentic local food, sharing meaningful experiences with others while living a sense of freedom and creativity, celebrating life in a balanced way.

To design, and co-create experiences and ambiances that inspire like-minded people to thrive while leveraging the local ecosystems.


Our Pillars

The experiences we curate are designed to create value for everyone involved.


Plants, forest, the oceans, and the fresh mountain air surrounding us. Our stunning natural environment is at the core of every experience we curate.

Healthy, local food

Expect to taste the authentic, unique flavor from near-by regions. We give preference to experiences that showcase local products, nourishing the mind and body.

Local Communities

Integration is key. We like to connect you to the local communities as much as possible, showcasing and supporting culture, traditions and gastronomy. Nothing makes us more inspired than working with people who have the courage to build their own projects and dreams: from suppliers of different services to facilitators and yoga instructors.

Inspiring Venues

We pay special attention to details. The venues and spaces we curate are surely welcoming, surrounded by cozy ambiances. We believe architecture and design are here to boost our potentiality and nourish our creativity. We give preference to curate independently-owned venues.

What Do
Our Clients
Say About Us?

The Flavour Maracuja

Maracujá is the Portuguese word for passion-fruit. This juicy fruit grows abundantly on Madeira Island, although it was originally brought from another tropical paradise around the world.
“Maracuja is part of my unique expression, which allows me to give back and uplift this abundant and inspiring island, culture, and its people.”